Conscious Coaching & Mentoring CCM

Conscious Coaching Training

Through the exploration of mystery on different dimensions.

What is Conscious Coaching (CC)?
In a presence-based dialogue between coach and explorer, Conscious Coaching is an energy process that reconnects and expands your multidimensional potential.

Back to basics
CC takes place in a space of deep respect for what you already are. In simple terms, when you stop wanting to change the other or to resolve something, you create the space for acceptance, receiving, understanding and learning to emerge.
It’s all about experiencing the truth directly, transcending the mind and going far beyond the daily, practical distractions that virtually everyone is familiar with.

Profound integration
CC integrates Presence – the art of simply being there in the moment – as the unique, powerful quality that transcends the old habits of usual, ‘normal’ communication and ways of relating to and working with our fellow human beings.
Using awareness techniques and meditations, presence emerges as the most important quality of change, with the force to effect transformation in a clear, direct way.

Breaking the limits!
This training offers you the opportunity to go beyond the limitations of established behavioural patterns, to discover our own natural capacity to expand and include others, thus supporting them in doing the same.
You experience the space to acknowledge and introduce the natural qualities that are your birthright: creativity, imagination, totality, alertness, curiosity, mindfulness (presence), reasoning and much more.

What others say
Previous CC training participants use words like Love, Life, Freedom, Trust, Respect and the Ability to respond in the Moment to describe this life-changing process.

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