Cristina-Oana Apopei

Cristina-Oana Apopei


Cristina-Oana has an experience of more than 10 years in personal development and energy healing systems. Life has offered her many opportunities and lessons from which she learned, grew and now she is sharing the gifts, practices and wisdom that she received and lived. All of the pure joy of being and contributing.

Over the years, she has studied, practiced and received initiations in Reiki, Simra and other energy healing systems in which she is a master. Through the workshops and facilitator trainings attended, Cristina-Oana has integrated Tao, Tantra, methods of working with the Inner Child and how to live life fully, beyond the fear of dying, next to techniques that support releasing all limitations in order to access your true being. All of these methods are here to support you in connecting to your essence.

She is a From Separation to Unity© certified practitioner and offers individual and couple’s sessions, as well as group workshops.

Cristina-Oana is approaching learning, experiencing and integration on multiple planes, viewing the body, mind and spirit as a whole, in union, in order to be as useful as possible for you