Conscious Coaching Training

About Conscious Coaching Training

"Conscious Coaching Training (CCT)… … connects you with the latest discoveries in change facilitation, ideal for formal coaching as well as all kinds of regular interactions. Moreover, CC offers you practical tools that you will explore and learn how to integrate into your daily life, on both a personal and professional level. Read on for a complete description of all the themes that you can experience in this training!"

1. Exploring awareness techniques and experiencing meditation.

Starting the journey into Presence, one of the most essential qualities in any kind of communication and above all any coaching interaction (individual or group); learning how to enter the space of pure awareness and start recognizing the space of Presence.

The exploration continues with retaining the integrity of Presence, undisturbed by thoughts, emotions or other inner movements. Allowing them to exist in the same space and relaxing into this understanding. Integrating Presence in the coaching practice, noticing how the connection changes its quality. Creating the space for observation and learning how to relax into Presence. Understanding through exploration how to remain authentic while interacting, allowing the free flow of vulnerability so as to create openness and trust.

2. CCT model – experiencing and understanding.

We start exploring the CCT model of working with situations, goals and changes in your life, integrating the various experiences of the training and clarifying the process. Learning how to support the explorer in recognizing and reconnecting with the Natural Qualities, by using your own experience of the connection with this space, manifested through deep trust, authenticity and relaxation.

Exploring listening beyond the usual structures, receiving and combining information beyond words – the Art of Listening with Totality. Rediscovering intuition as the most precious source of information.

3. Understanding responsibility as the ability to respond in the moment.

Trusting and expressing your intuition through Stillness and Silence in a direct loving way that effects a shift in perception, thus recognizing Synchronicity in an effortless interaction.
Introducing the quality of Compassion into verbal communication and asking questions that move the explorer beyond into uncharted territory. This often requires the explorer to make deeper contact with his shadow side and find the answer in each moment of life.

Owning the experiences of the training, integrating them into your daily life and your coaching practice; allowing these experiences to move you beyond the usual understanding of dealing with patterns, issues and challenges and making it automatically possible to live a free life.

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