OSHO Born Again Facilitators Training

Osho Born Again Facilitators Training

A 7-day experiential training of this powerful freedom process created by Osho. Rediscover the freshness and innocence of childhood without going into any psychological issues.

These 7 days focus on connecting you, the OSHO Born Again Meditative Therapy and the art of being a facilitator.
Learning the process and qualifying to facilitate it are the best ways of falling in love with this unique, transformational meditation.

For whom...

You may decide to participate simply to deepen your own experience of meditation through this revolutionary process and the training is ideal if you are already a facilitator or want to become one.


Each day starts with the OSHO Born Again followed, after a break, by a further 2 hours of training.
This OSHO Meditative Therapy consists of a 2-hour session each day for 7 days. There’s one hour of allowing yourself to just be a child again, and the second hour consists of silent sitting.
For the first hour, you behave like a child. An innocent, spontaneous child. Whatever you wanted to do, do it – dancing, singing, jumping, crying – anything at all, in any posture. Everything is allowed except touching other participants.

Osho’s vision

Meditative Therapies were created by Osho, who designed them scientifically for the contemporary humans. His approach ensures a breakthrough in meditation, a speeding-up process to connect with your natural state of being.
The meditations focus on freeing up your energy, renewing vitality and creating space for silence. They work energetically, bypassing the conscious, analytical mind. They are therefore clear, pure processes where you connect directly with the deeper sources of your energy. All stages are simultaneously a combination of meditation and therapy: meditation, because of the moment-to-moment encounter with yourself, and therapy because the analytical mind is bypassed as conditioning is broken down.

Osho has this to say about the first part of the process:

“Sit silently doing nothing, witnessing whatsoever is happening. This is the simplest secret of all religiousness, be a watcher.”

“Meditation only creates the situation in which the silence happens. And this should be the criterion — that whenever silence happens laughter will come into your life. A vital celebration will happen all around. You will not become sad, you will not become depressed, and you will not escape from the world. You will be here in this world, but taking the whole thing as a game, enjoying the whole thing as a beautiful game, a big drama, no longer serious about it. Seriousness is a disease.”

This great experiment through which we are passing is basically to achieve your lost childhood again. When I say ‘your lost childhood,’ I mean your innocence, your eyes full of wonder, knowing nothing, having nothing, but yet feeling yourself at the top of the world. Those golden moments of wonder, joy, no tension, no worry, no anxiety, have to be regained, rediscovered. The sage is nothing but the circle that started in your birth coming full way, complete, back to the same point.”


Then follows the hour of just sitting silently. You will be fresher, more innocent, and meditation will become easier.

"Once upon a time we were all real! Just naturally ourselves. When we wanted to laugh, we laughed. When we wanted to cry, we cried. When we were angry, we were angry. We danced and jumped and shrieked with delight. Playfulness was our essence. We lived in innocence, knowing nothing, except what we needed in that moment."

"Remember, it is your vibration that needs transformation. The world is already always vibrating in ecstasy; only you are not tuned. The problem is not with the world, it is with you: you are not tuned to it. The world is dancing, always celebrating, every moment it is in a festivity. The festival goes on from eternity to eternity, only you are not tuned to it. You have fallen apart from it, and you are very serious, very knowing, very mature. You are closed. Throw this enclosure! Move again into the current of life. When the storm comes, the trees will be dancing; you also dance! When the night comes and everything is dark, you also be dark. And in the morning when the sun rises, let it rise in you also. Be childlike and enjoying, not thinking of the past."

"Now is our chance to take ourselves back to that same fork in the road. This time we can consciously choose to take the path of playfulness, innocence, naturalness, laughter… rediscovering our originality, individuality, and freedom. And once we are on the road of authenticity, then finding ourselves, finding our center, finding our own inner joy will happen by itself."


Born Again is an
OSHO Meditative Therapy