Butiba – Solstice Dance and Music Festival Latvia

Butiba – Solstice Dance and Music Festival Latvia

Time to Be!

We meet in for the eighth time in the forests of Latvia by the banks of beautiful river Daugava in Puduri, Ķegums to raise to higher heights and dive into deepest depths!

The festival includes the celebration of Summer Saulstice and rituals during Līgo night in our own special way which is different from traditional. It will be a call from the depths of our hearts to reunite with the Soul of Mother Earth – it’s quintessence!

Four fulfilled days where the forces of East, South, West and North are intertwined. Three nights filled with mystical experiences. To honor Mother Earth, her power and support. In honor of her sacred union with Heaven, from which, we were created. In honor of our ancestors and their heritage. We celebrate in the prayer of dance and song for our Divine future.

Where are we going?

The time has come to return to our Core, our Quintessence. The Shamanic path is powerful support to get to know oneSelf. Which is crucial to develop the bond with Mother Earth and all that is.
Bookings & more info: https://www.butiba.lv/

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Jun 22 - 25 2023


All Day

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