(FSTU) From Separation To Unity & Ecstatic Radiance at Greece Tantra Festival

(FSTU) From Separation To Unity & Ecstatic Radiance at Greece Tantra Festival

FSTU & Ecstatic Radiance with Kaifi & Mridu will be part of the Greece Tantra Festival at Osho Afroz.

Greece Tantra Festival is bringing together classical Tantra with the Wisdom of Greek ancient Mystery schools.

Every day of this extraordinary event is designed to take you through four main facets of Human Experience:  Sexuality, Love, Meditation and Celebration.

Our team of World famous Tantra Teachers and Musicians will offer many different Tantra practices, rituals, dance events, Live music concerts and performances.

Forever young mystical nights will take you to the sacred space of Eros – our delicious Love Lounge.

We will be following the ancient ways of performing the Sacred Tantric rituals in an open-air, under the sky full of stars and by the sea.

The event is finished.


Aug 26 - 30 2021

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Osho Afroz, Lesvos Island, Greece
Eressos, Lesvos Island, Greece
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  • Kaifi

    Kaifi, creator of ‘From Separation to Unity’ and co-creator of ‘Conscious Coaching & Mentoring’ has been trained in and initiated into many different methods and techniques. He is a licensed HeartMath® Coach, a facilitator’s trainer of OSHO Meditative Therapies and Active Meditations as well as a certified practitioner of DVNLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

  • Mridu

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