Ira Gabriele Ganßmann

Ira Gabriele Ganßmann

Ira Gabriele Ganßmann


When someone was asking me in my teenager years about my plans in life, I always said: “I want to build bridges and connect worlds.” Long time I didn’t really know what I meant by saying this.

The real meaning of my vision was just lately offered to me when I joined FSTU(From Separation To Unity) and HeartMath® and learned about the intelligence of the heart and the impact it has to our mind. Since then I know: it is all about the beautiful communion between the wisdom of the heart and the clear intuitive mind and to build bridges between them. For me, heart and clear mind never have been a contradiction and FSTU and HeartMath® gave me the missing link to bring it together in my work.

I studied politics, psychology, educational science and philosophy, worked 12 years as coordinator and trainer for intercultural understanding before I jumped 2012 into my freelancer career.

I am trained and certified as a business coach, trainer and moderator by the German coaching association DVCT e.V., as Spiritual Coach (Dr. Klaus Horn), Systemic and Constellation Group facilitator (R. Doetsch), HeartMath® Coach (in Germany) and FSTU practitioner. I explored different kinds of spiritual ways, was inspired by a variety of teachers and attended many intensive self-awareness trainings and meditation retreats.

In my work, I love to open doors for self-reflection, understanding and consciousness and to help people to connect with their hearts to be able to find the bridge that leads to clear intuition and more creativity in their work and life. Lately, I offer regular heart-based meditations in Germany (WeAddHeart) and online for international participants to bring more heart energies into the world. And I’m still curious where my intuition will take me next.