Madalina Kabira Dinica


Madalina Kabira Dinica


NLP Trainer, New Code NLP Trainer and Coach (all studied with John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Claire and Michael Carroll),

Ericksonian Hypnosis (with John Thompson)

Generative Trance Coaching (studied with Stephan Gilligan)

Tango instructor ( with TangoTangent)

Integrative psychotherapist ( at Romanian Association for Integrative Psychotherapy – a progressive form of psychotherapy that combines different therapeutic tools and approaches like Gestalt, Eriksonian Hypnosis, Tranzactional Analysis, Psychodrama, transpersonal models in a  holistic way, in relation to the body, mind and spirit dimensions of the human being).

Osho Meditation Facilitator (with Kaifi and Satsanga)

Osho Born Again Facilitator (with Kaifi)

Co-founder at Dancing Buddhas urban meditation center in Brasov

From Separation To Unity practitioner (with Kaifi)