Terms of use

Terms and Confidentiality Agreement

Please make sure that you read the full text and that you agree with every detail mentioned here. It is very important that you confirm this agreement before attending any of our events.

By registering, I understand that I am required to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of demo clients and my fellow participant’s attendance regarding anything they’ve shared or processed.

By registering, I agree this will be a safe space of openness where cultural, historical, generational, societal, and personal differences are respected without verbal or physical judgment, criticism, or harm.

By registering, I am aware that the training / course (or parts of it) will be recorded for educational purposes. Parts of the video may be posted on the From Separation To Unity (FSTU)  website, YouTube, FaceBook, and other media outlets, considering that we do not post any sensitive information about the participants.

If I do not want to appear on video it is my responsibility to inform the course facilitators at the beginning of the training/course. In this case I will not appear on any videos used outside of the training.

By registering, I understand that I may be presented with the opportunity to participate in a recorded demonstration session in front of the class. I understand that my participation is voluntary. We may pause or discontinue my participation at my discretion or the discretion of From Separation To Unity (FSTU)  course facilitator or another Faculty member. I acknowledge that demonstration sessions may include questions about my personal trauma history and/or my emotional and psychological states. My decision to reveal such information is entirely voluntary. I am under no obligation to share anything I do not want to.

II understand that the From Separation To Unity Workshop & Training can be physically and emotionally intense. By registering, I agree that neither Kaifi Iraklis Kokologiannis, From Separation to Unity (FSTU), nor any of its staff, coordinators, assistants, faculty members, technicians, affiliates, the venue, or representatives have any responsibility or liability for physical or emotional harm, property loss or damage that may result from attendance at or travel to and from the Workshop and I hereby release them from all claims in connection with my attendance of this workshop.

I acknowledge that I am required to inform the staff about relevant psychiatric history, infectious diseases, drug use, and all present health conditions before participation in the training / Course. I understand that no refunds are provided under any circumstance after the beginning of the workshop. I understand that From Separation To Unity (FSTU) Staff reserve the right to request termination of my participation if I have not complied with all of the above guidelines, and/or if From Separation To Unity (FSTU) staff deems it not suitable for me to continue at any point in the workshop.

By clicking one of the following buttons you agree/disagree to abide by the above Terms and Confidentiality Agreement.