From Separation to Unity – FSTU

How “From Separation to Unity” came into existence?

Since he was in high school, Kaifi was dedicated to experiment with any kind of drugs that were available around him and he has spent almost a decade of his life being a heroin addict. His totality during this “dark” period of his life made him face death and destroy whatever was representing love, around him. It was a process of loosing everything, during a period when he had to survive in the streets, in complete misery, like a living dead.

In the summer of '98 he was in south Crete, on the beautiful beach of Sougia, trying one more time to quit heroin. He was clean for a few weeks.... a guy from north Europe found him and invited him to a magic mushrooms ritual that was about to take place the next day. Previously he had a lot of experiences with LSD, but never with mushrooms, so he accepted, with the motivation to get high again! That night changed his life. “I remember myself kneeling in front of the sea, looking at a sky full of bright stars, creating an umbrella of moving lights on top of me and staying there, still, for hours... for Eternity! Staying and receiving information and answers to life’s questions. Realizing for the first time in every cell of my body that being a junkie is not my journey for this lifetime. In one point, I remember getting really scared, that if I continue now, I will have to create a new religion or something and I decided to move and change what was already happening. In that moment I knew by experience that a change, a shift, had already happened.

In the next days my inner voice was different, saying that my life long dedication to drugs was over. There was a lot of resistance to this change. I was scared to leave everything that I knew behind me. After a couple of months, on the 11th of January 1999 I shot heroin for the last time and a new journey had already started.”

He had already went back to his family asking for help and in that day in January, with their loving support, he entered in a treatment center, as he had done a few times before, but this time it worked. He stayed there for 14 months and when the time came to leave the security of this place, he was lucky to discover the Narcotics Anonymous. As he says: “Narcotics Anonymous was one of the most profound experiences in my life. I learned how to live and share with others”. As a way to stay clean, he followed the suggestion to find a spiritual way of living and he was totally dedicated to the program, living in service to others, shifting his attention from the “I” to the “We”. During these years he has found a morning job for the first time in his life, where he achieved success and after that he quit. He started traveling and he discovered meditation, Osho, Advaita and he was also trained and initiated in different methods and techniques. He began sharing them in an addiction treatment center, in the market place and later on in OSHO Afroz Meditation Center. It was never his plan to become a therapist or a facilitator; it was a natural grow.

After 7 years of being an active and proud member of Narcotics Anonymous he felt the call to leave this stage behind also. One more time he was ready to leave any kind of security and move into the unknown. He found himself in Central America in search of the mushrooms as a medicine. For the next 3 years he experimented a lot with all kinds of psychedelic medicines, natural and chemical ones. He got very excited about the space that he was discovering and amount and the clarity of the information that he was receiving, and he got lost in this. As he tells it: “I had lost my respect to the medicines and I became an information junkie. And with this huge ego, I entered in the ceremony that would change my life again.. While we were planning an ayahuasca ceremony, I was still tripping on other psychedelics a couple of days before it... The day of the ceremony came, and I asked the medicine man to give me the biggest amount that I could have and my intention for the journey was to see beyond that which I could perceive as a human being. My ego was partying again! The medicine gave me what I had asked for... A glimpse of it was more than enough... It was impossible to integrate the experience through the body-mind. For the following 6 days I was lost, experiencing the most intense period of my life. I could not eat or drink anything... I was just walking around, away from people, trying to find a way to escape from myself, with no success, until I finally reached a point of deep let go and surrender. A point of transformation!”.

Out of the experience of these 6 days and the months of integration that followed it, having the intention to share with the world the experience of Unity without the use of psychedelics, he received and discovered the four healing stages of Breathing – Relaxing – Receiving – Enjoying and out of these stages, “From Separation to Unity” came into existence. This is the process he is now using in his groups to create the connection to our Heart Consciousness, by bridging our love atmosphere and the awareness. The name “From Separation To Unity” was given by Varidhi, the founder of OSHO Afroz Meditation Center and his closest friend. Kaifi presented FSTU to Varidhi at the end of a group they were facilitating together in China in 2009. Varidhi was impressed: “Kaifi, this is a very advanced technique!” he exclaimed in awe.

Since that ceremony, that happened almost a decade ago, Kaifi has dropped, with respect, the way of the medicines. He has put his focus in the multidimensional potential that is innate in all of us. This is exactly what From Separation to Unity represents!
More than thousand people have experienced this journey in the last 9 years, all-around the world, and most of them declared that it was a life changing experience.
Now, we find ourselves in 2017, when Kaifi created the first FSTU Practitioner Training. It was an experimental closed training, which happened in OSHO Afroz Meditation Center, in Greece.
He invited 8 people that happily responded and came to take part in this experiment; an experiment that was meant to create a training program.
Now, this gentle and powerful energy healing system is ready to be shared around the world, as a technique that can be used not only by Kaifi, but by all of us who want to explore, discover and share it.
A meditative journey for individuals, couples and groups that was created intuitively, but is still in tune with the latest scientific research about the Heart Consciousness.