About Kaifi

Yamini Sambodhi

Yamini Sambodhi – Mexico

I met Kaifi a few years ago at OSHO Afroz. Participate in training and groups facilitated by him. Not only I felt very well and contained in the groups but outside of them as well. Kaifi is a wonderful being, very loving. His path of connection with the heart spreads and reminds me of that life is happening now. Allowing everything to happen and thanking. That is how I feel, grateful for his presence in my life, as a friend […]

Frida Furebring – Sweden

Diving into the wonderful work of Kaifi has been one of the greatest decisions of my life. To get to experience such truth, space and love in a matter of days has not only changed me as a human being but also my understanding of living life fully. Only a person full of so much love, openness and trust as Kaifi will allow you to blossom as individuals the way the participants do in Die Before You Die. The love […]

Lia Bolte, Romania

“Kaifi is a man who loves you deeply, supports you and brings you into the light…” …even if you don’t always want to. I learned in his group how to remain in the present moment, how to look at the stories that I used to tell to myself and that made me suffer, and it helped me become conscious and HERE, to understand what keeps me away from love, myself and others. This workshop – die before you die helped […]

Nicolas Luis Blanno, Mexico

Estar con Kaifi ha sido un encuentro práctico, sencillo, creativo y Total. Desde su presencia amorosa besando mi frente y su facilidad de palabra desde su corazón y sabiduría, le ha dado una posibilidad fresca y moderna a mi proceso de crecimiento. El entrenamiento de meditaciones Osho me deja en un lugar de confrontación conmigo mismo y al mismo tiempo de un suave aterrizaje al interior y su taller de morir antes de morir me toca como nunca antes , […]

Suveero Prem, Israel

Kaifi creates a beautiful space of healing and transformation through energetic processes which bypass the analytical mind, open the heart and connect to the silence. He brings himself totally with vulnerability and openness. Thank you, beloved Kaifi, for sharing your gifts.

Mariangela Radha, Greece

I feel so much gratefulness for this magnificent work that Kaifi brings into this world with such simplicity and reverence! Reconnecting with the space of my heart each time and treasuring coming home to the stillness and depth of my being by rediscovering the vastness of love as an ocean, allowing and trusting the wave of each moment as it unfolds. A pure blessing to have been able to experience first as a participant and then as an assistant this […]