FSTU Practitioner Training

"Talking out of silence and moving out of stillness allows your authentic self to be seen and, with respect creates a space of transformation for other people."


This unique Practitioner Training Programme starts with you. Your unique experience in this profound journey of remembrance, heart healing and transformation provides the best foundation for inspiring and supporting others in their exploration.

Heart Consciousness

This is an inward journey where you shine light on the self-imposed filters that block your authenticity and stop the natural flow of love and awareness.
The process is based on gentle yet powerful techniques that are fully aligned with the latest scientific research into Heart Consciousness.
You move within the atmosphere of qualities, reconnecting with your potential and allowing the unbounded flow of Love and Truth that is always available within you as you resonate with the unity of Existence of which you are a part.

Four waves

FSTU is a brand new system of energy healing, based on the four healing waves of breathing, relaxing, receiving and enjoying.
These are the four waves that naturally occur when you experience deep trust and let-go.
You learn to relax consciously into simply being present and letting everything be as it is.
When you let go of any ideas that you have about yourself (and others), all your self-imposed boundaries start dissolving and there is space for you to expand into your authentic limitless being.
In this process, body, breath and heart awareness are synchronized in stillness and silence, allowing healing Love to flow unconditionally.
Above all, this is an experiential training designed to create and develop trust in your intuition, as well as so facilitate access to higher intelligence and your confidence to simply be.

A glimpse of what you can learn

This is a complete facilitator’s training that enables you to:

  • Discover the science behind the heart’s ability to heal, introducing the communication between brain and heart, heart rate variability (HRV) and the coherence role in human performance (latest scientific research from the HeartMath Institute).

  • Learn the science of the inner and ensure the natural movement of energy (L-F-A-S-L) through fast and slow feelings.

  • Drop your opinions, judgements and reactions, and relax in the presence of compassion and acceptance.

  • Allow instead of doing.

  • Feel comfortable in the space that silence and stillness create.

  • Combine information you receive from the silent connection (‘rapport’) between you and your client.

  • Wait and act - Observation, Stillness, Action, Stillness.

  • Respond from presence, holding and giving the space for the client to make and complete this healing journey by himself.

  • Trust the natural movement of energy that is created by the presence of Love, allowing healing and transformation to happen.

  • Express yourself from the silent space and allow movements to arise from the place of stillness.

FSTU Online Practitioner Training