Heart Guided Meditation with Kaifi, download for free


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This a short, profound, simple and effective Guided Heart Meditation. A meditation, using the Quick Coherence Technique from “HeartMath Institute” in the atmosphere of “FSTU-From Separation To Unity”.

It is a 15minutes guided meditation recorded last April in a small wooden hut by the river at “Art Zen Village”, China. A project started with love by the talented musician and very good friend of us Jake Sanderson. Almost a year later and just before the hit of covid19, Paulo Vatayan added the piano music on Kaifi’s voice … and here we are.

Download it in your mobile devices, so that you can have it available any moment you needed, any moment you feel.

It is a meditation that can happen anytime, anywhere, even while walking, creating grounding, presence and a smooth transmission on 5th dimension.  Put your headphones on and enjoy!

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