Leela Olga Oltean – Romania

Leela Olga Oltean

Reconnecting with that experience is always bringing a new understanding, a quality that emerges always fresh. Remembering myself receiving Kaifi’s words together with the invitation to dive into experience. At that time one word appeared with so much clarity out of it: “allowing”.

On personal level a huge shift happened. When i realized towards what my focus has been attracted all my life until that moment. And how i was unconsciously feeding it like a junkie almost. This brought so much joy, so much expansion and love. The ending of fighting, self-imposed limitation, trying to be creative in finding solutions. There is only one ‘solution’, or better… no solution needed in this space of unity. My work became also richer with this new quality integrated in it. The quality of the space i am offering now in my coaching trainings and sessions is not out of self created strategy. It is coming out of the understanding that Kaifi’s “From Separation to Unity” Training has brought.

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