Rani Alexa Schmid, Switzerland

It was such a treat and means a lot to me to have felt at the right place at the right time. We finished the “FSTU Practioner Training” about four months ago and since than I feel, the way how I perceive myself as a human being, a woman and in the world has shifted and changed in a positive way, into a more holistic one perhaps. I feel in generally more at ease with being aware of all the parts, the beautiful and light once and the more difficult, challenging and unknown once as well and to include them as being components of a whole in that present moment.

A deep understanding, that to connect to my heart atmosphere in a meditative space with someone else and allow myself to breath, relax and receive is in a way simple and nevertheless often powerful and healing, especially as the armors begin to soften and than in some moments to remember my qualities and perhaps at times even a glance of my true nature in its wholeness becomes possible.

This process has opened up a gate in me to tap more easily into a state of being in synchronicity and also being able to recognize these moments and feeling a deep gratitude and contentment.
I love Kaifi’s way to facilitate and hold space. It is subtle, intuitive, allows space for the mystery and includes also a delightful sense of (sometimes black) humor. It looks often simple what he is presenting and in the end is the understanding, that it contains a big range of lived knowledge, love and compassion.

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