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Kaifi’s sharing on Covid-19 experience – Act with Love

Dear friends, I am writing to you from Eresos, Lesvos island, Greece that we have happily arrived 3 weeks ago (6th March) for our home retreat. We have taken this opportunity as a gift to rest, grow, explore and watch.

We have already postponed the “FSTU Advance Training – module 3” (Koh Phangan, Thailand 25/2 – 3/3 2020), the upcoming “Conscious Coaching & Mentoring Training” (Bucharest 7-12 April) and we are waiting the time that it will be possible and wise to re-schedule future alternative dates for both or even more if needed.

What we are all living now is an unprecedented situation and no one knows how it will unfold and continue. Ideas, believes, precognitions are in a state of mind that receives this massive flow of information like bombing. Fear based news create fear reactions of anger, frustration, despair…However we are prepared for that.