Andy – Greece

Andy – Greece

“One month after Die Before You Die journey, I can say that it was by far the most important and core experiences of my life. Perhaps, just after the experience of childbirth! Ένα μήνα μετά το Die Before You Die, μπορώ να πω πως ήταν μακράν από τις πιο σημαντικές, πιο κομβικές εμπειρίες της ζωής μου. Ίσως αμέσως μετά, από αυτή του τοκετού!”

Mehtap Yıldız, Turkey

My heart… my heart calls to me. My heart beats calmly. My heart is the closest to me, bigger and livelier than ever. My heart is warm. Kaifi starts to speak. We, humans, feel something missing. You coming here, participating in these sessions shows that you’re in search of something. You feel something missing.   You know the wholeness, that’s why you feel something missing. If you know the wholeness, you feel the incompleteness. What a beautiful expression this is! He […]

Yamini Sambodhi

Yamini Sambodhi – Mexico

I met Kaifi a few years ago at OSHO Afroz. Participate in training and groups facilitated by him. Not only I felt very well and contained in the groups but outside of them as well. Kaifi is a wonderful being, very loving. His path of connection with the heart spreads and reminds me of that life is happening now. Allowing everything to happen and thanking. That is how I feel, grateful for his presence in my life, as a friend […]

Leela Olga Oltean

Leela Olga Oltean – Romania

Reconnecting with that experience is always bringing a new understanding, a quality that emerges always fresh. Remembering myself receiving Kaifi’s words together with the invitation to dive into experience. At that time one word appeared with so much clarity out of it: “allowing”. On personal level a huge shift happened. When i realized towards what my focus has been attracted all my life until that moment. And how i was unconsciously feeding it like a junkie almost. This brought so […]

Zita Silina – Latvia

“Deep and sincere silence within myself. Freedom, Acceptance and Let Go. My Heart met with many other Hearts”.  I experienced it. I fell in with life more deeply. I released fear, estimation, insecurity, doubt, cart of past, I simply burned it all. I deeply, to the core, feel my heart and respect my essence, my body. I feel strength and love it very much. I feel gratitude and trust, faithfulness and confidence. I have gone through my purification for several […]

Frida Furebring – Sweden

Diving into the wonderful work of Kaifi has been one of the greatest decisions of my life. To get to experience such truth, space and love in a matter of days has not only changed me as a human being but also my understanding of living life fully. Only a person full of so much love, openness and trust as Kaifi will allow you to blossom as individuals the way the participants do in Die Before You Die. The love […]

小吴, China

“Die before you die” brings tremendous change on me. As said during the session: it plants a seed in me. Now the seed starts to take root to germinate. The growth brings me more consciousness – consciousness on my life, on people around me. I feel more clear, less anxious, less worried. I still remember clearly the program, it is really an incredible and wonderful experience.

Asang Hriday

Asang Hriday, Romania

In my last session of FSTU, as receiver, in the most natural way possible, I went from stress and feeling overwhelmed by the issue I brought into the process, to a state where I was witnessing the energy of Life as it was cleansing my pain, which was released into tears of joyful gratitude for coming home again.

Sitara, Figen Ayan, Turkey

I am a woman busy with a professional life full of norms and corporate digests in a busy city like Istanbul…. So, Die before you Die has been a profound and surprising discovery of life itself. I had the possibility to expand, feel full and ONE with the whole thanks to Kaifi. It pushed me to accept and embrace the 2 sides and all facets of life to better enjoy the juice and essence of my own life. It has […]

Cristi, Romania

“The first time I attended the Die Before You Die I was in a foggy period of great changes and bigger ones were coming. I felt some pressure on my shoulders and I felt like parts of me were colliding by chance in a brownian motion. No direction, no coherence. Ehhhh… after four days during witch Kaifi’s steady and profound voice rang in my ears, I stepped outside waltzing, my soul was 50 kilos lighter and with an 360 degrees […]