DBYD Special

Zita Silina – Latvia

“Deep and sincere silence within myself. Freedom, Acceptance and Let Go. My Heart met with many other Hearts”.  I experienced it. I fell in with life more deeply. I released fear, estimation, insecurity, doubt, cart of past, I simply burned it all. I deeply, to the core, feel my heart and respect my essence, my body. I feel strength and love it very much. I feel gratitude and trust, faithfulness and confidence. I have gone through my purification for several […]

小吴, China

“Die before you die” brings tremendous change on me. As said during the session: it plants a seed in me. Now the seed starts to take root to germinate. The growth brings me more consciousness – consciousness on my life, on people around me. I feel more clear, less anxious, less worried. I still remember clearly the program, it is really an incredible and wonderful experience.

Annemiek, Netherlands

Under the Greek dark sky of Eressos I spontaneously followed the teaser an evening die before you die. I immediately get caught,  I felt so attracted to, so invited to…. Die… A home coming feeling I longed for my whole life. The missing piece. I immediately felt death does not exist, there is only love. The workshop Die before you die itself was incredible. Direct experience, without words, no analyses, only truth and love. Kaifi and his team create a beautiful, […]

Cristina Apopei, Romania

There is so much Love and Gratitude that fills my being for the profound experience of Die Before You Die, leaving all that is unneeded behind and meeting with life once again. All in the loving and accepting presence of Kaifi, in the sacred space created. For me, each journey reveals new layers ready to be let go of, brings me in a deeper connection to my Essence, to Life, and shows me how to use my gifts in this […]

Nikita, China

“This workshop is a surprisingly effective and exciting.” “It is so deep ,much more than what I could expect. It touched different layers, and came with sweet tears, the love and mercy to myself. I still can not use language to summarize the course until today because it is so close to the source, that wonderful and infinite can only be experienced instead of being expressed. Kaifi’s, completely compassion, serenity, is what the buddha should look like. I could really […]