Die Before You Die

Andy – Greece

“One month after Die Before You Die journey, I can say that it was by far the most important and core experiences of my life. Perhaps, just after the experience of childbirth! Ένα μήνα μετά το Die Before You Die, μπορώ να πω πως ήταν μακράν από τις πιο σημαντικές, πιο κομβικές εμπειρίες της ζωής μου. Ίσως αμέσως μετά, από αυτή του τοκετού!”

Zita Silina – Latvia

“Deep and sincere silence within myself. Freedom, Acceptance and Let Go. My Heart met with many other Hearts”.  I experienced it. I fell in with life more deeply. I released fear, estimation, insecurity, doubt, cart of past, I simply burned it all. I deeply, to the core, feel my heart and respect my essence, my body. I feel strength and love it very much. I feel gratitude and trust, faithfulness and confidence. I have gone through my purification for several […]

小吴, China

“Die before you die” brings tremendous change on me. As said during the session: it plants a seed in me. Now the seed starts to take root to germinate. The growth brings me more consciousness – consciousness on my life, on people around me. I feel more clear, less anxious, less worried. I still remember clearly the program, it is really an incredible and wonderful experience.

Sitara, Figen Ayan, Turkey

I am a woman busy with a professional life full of norms and corporate digests in a busy city like Istanbul…. So, Die before you Die has been a profound and surprising discovery of life itself. I had the possibility to expand, feel full and ONE with the whole thanks to Kaifi. It pushed me to accept and embrace the 2 sides and all facets of life to better enjoy the juice and essence of my own life. It has […]

Cristi, Romania

“The first time I attended the Die Before You Die I was in a foggy period of great changes and bigger ones were coming. I felt some pressure on my shoulders and I felt like parts of me were colliding by chance in a brownian motion. No direction, no coherence. Ehhhh… after four days during witch Kaifi’s steady and profound voice rang in my ears, I stepped outside waltzing, my soul was 50 kilos lighter and with an 360 degrees […]

Hyunhee, South Korea

“Before joining Kaifi’s group in Thailand, I felt myself was a full of anger, sadness. “The art of let go” is such a beautiful way of letting go all blocks which I held so that I could feel endless love from myself and others. It was very intense and beautiful experience. I loved it so much and want to do it again.”

Elver Yee, Hong Kong 

“It’s really enjoyable in his love – Kaifi – like being with a baby. ” … I was in a deep hole of sadness when I entered the group. Life seemed to be a desperation in many layers. Though I did meditation, I went to gym, I was doing therapy, while I found myself not moving forward until I met him, Kaifi. In the 5 days, after clearing up the negative energy, I was filled in with so much love […]

Lizzy Garima, Mexico

I´m a Gestalt and Body Pschycotherapist . I have attended this workshop as a birthday gift for myself last February in México. This beautiful and deep process with Kaifi Iraklis reconnected with my body, heart and soul in such a loving and meditative space . Since then I have been letting go what kept me from living fully . Now I´m feeling ALIVE, strong and in peace !! I recommend everyone to do this process at least once in lifetime […]

Annemiek, Netherlands

Under the Greek dark sky of Eressos I spontaneously followed the teaser an evening die before you die. I immediately get caught,  I felt so attracted to, so invited to…. Die… A home coming feeling I longed for my whole life. The missing piece. I immediately felt death does not exist, there is only love. The workshop Die before you die itself was incredible. Direct experience, without words, no analyses, only truth and love. Kaifi and his team create a beautiful, […]

Chen Jian 您的学生:陈健, China

亲爱的凯斐老师:感恩生命中能够遇见您! 参加«死亡之前的死亡»的课程后,我的生命发生了奇妙的改变。爱在身体里的流动,常常让我不自主地想翩翩起舞。虽然生命里的那份恐惧依然存在,但我已经能够去面对它,我接受了它,不再逃避,也不再排斥它,并常常和它对话,那种感觉真的很美妙。参加课程,收益最大的是,我看到了自己的存在,并深深地爱上了自己。生命的重启,让我感知到生命存在的意义。学会放下,感受心的觉知,生命不再沉重。灵魂与身体的那份融合,越来越美妙。 期待再次见面! 也期待再次参加课程。